Essentiality and performance are the basis of our injection systems.
To ensure the most valuable thing: your time

Master injection

With over 40 years of experience MASTER Spraying Technology is a growing provider of spraying and injection equipment, accessories and solutions for surface and injection coatings with a wide line of products and innovative projects.

MASTER Spraying Technology offers diversified solutions for all injection fields: Mining – Tunneling – Masonry Injections – Consolidation

MASTER Spraying Technology is a reliable partner for the develpment of advanced spraying equipments for companies involved in coatings fields. Our flexible structure allows to follow costumers needs with
accuracy for special production or personalization.

MASTER Spraying Technology owes its success to a rich patrimony of ideas and ongoing technological develpment aimed at maximising productivity and product differentiation.

Our Value

Vitality, innovation, attention to detail and an infinite passion are the fundamental values of MASTER Spraying Technology

Quality and R&D

The success achieved on the market, in Italy and in the world, is the recognition of the growing commitment and constant investments of
MASTER Spraying Technology
in the enhancement of its products, in the activities of R&D, in the development of new technologies.

Service & Support

MASTER Spraying Technology offers a constant commercial and technical assistance to support the user and offer the latest info and applications.