SILVER 9 is a 3K hydraulic piston pump driven by electric motor.
The equipment has been designed to inject 2K coating with mixing ratio 1:1.
The advantage to regulate the working pressure from 0 up to 220 bar, allows to use this pump in various jobs where 2K is required.

SILVER 9 3K is equipped with a third pumping for cleaning purposes.

Minimal Maintenance

Equipment built for an easy maintenance to help the operator in a self-maintenance.

Powerful Electric Motor

The electric motor is H class. An automatic system stops the pump when exceeding the electric safety limits.

Compact and Handy

Easy to move or place on your means of transport thanks to its compact size.


Epoxy resin

Polyurethane resin

Acrylic resin

2-component injection resin

Motor | Volt 230 V
50 Hz
Power: 3 HP
Mixing Ratio 1:1
Max. Delivery  ltr/min 9
Max. Delivery (Cleaning Pumping) ltr/min 6,5
Max. Delivery Bar (PSI) 220 (3190)
Weight 3K on trolley (bare) kg. 125
Dimensions cm. 100x55x110