SILVER 50 is a pneumatic piston pump 2K projected to inject 2K coatings with mixing ratio 1:1. It is the ideal equipment for those who have to carry out important grouting jobs in workplaces where the electric motor is not allowed.

Minimal Maintenance

Equipment built for an easy maintenance to help the operator in a self-maintenance.

Anti-icing Motor

Powerful Air motor which reduces icing-problem. Minimal lubrication needed.

Self-adjusting packing

This system allows the self-adjusting of upper and lower packing set.

High Quality Components

The equipment has been projected to safisfy the needs of professional and it has been built with high quality components.


SILVER 50 INJ pneumatic piston pumps use an avant-garde technology. The instant volumetric reversal of pneumatic motor allows to use the equipments with a small air lubrication and has no freezing troubles. The pistons are hard chrome treated for a longer life. Tungsten carbide valves.

Epoxy resin

Polyurethane resin

Acrylic resin

2-component injection resin

Motor Pneumatic motor instant volumetric reversal
Raio 32:1
Mixing ratio 1:1
Max. Delivery ltr/min 24,0
Max. Working Pressure Bar 250
Max. Air Pressure Bar 8
Weight Kg. 70